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Globally positioned, our worldwide network of subsidiaries located in Europe, North and South America and throughout the Pacific Rim supports our customer’s through planning, design, assembly and launch of EOAT tooling. Our global staff is purposefully situated to act as a part of our customer’s local team.

EOAT Tooling

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Bilsing Automation is a world leader in automotive stamping and bodyshop EOAT tooling, as well as in developing material handling solutions for injection molding, fabrication, packaging, hydroforming and non-automotive applications. 

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Speed up your production with our unique tooling solutions. Bilsing offers tooling products for a variety of industries.

Discover Our Product Lines

Carbon Fiber

Lighter, stiffer and more harmonically stable tools made from high modulus, graphite carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber T-Beam

Designed for high-speed tandem presses providing flexibility to meet varying production requirements.


Offering robot grippers with various jaw styles and in sizes from miniature to massive.

Hot Stamp Grippers

Bilsing’s hot forming grippers are manufactured from high strength aluminum and are rated for 1000°C. A small, flat design helps decrease collision risk and reduces weight to achieve increased stroke rates.

Modular Tooling

Bilsing Automation’s Flexible Tooling System features a standard automatic coupling approach for the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic connections on the tooling.

Vacuum Cups

Offering a wide variety of vacuum generating products to meet an array of applications.

Tooling Carts

Our custom-designed and fabricated EOAT tooling carts are designed with the insight to ensure that your tools are stored in a convenient way that protects the tool structure, positioning and integrity of the vacuum cups.

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Learn about how our advancements and strategic business moves help us provide the best solutions for your ongoing needs.