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We are a leading supplier of industrial tooling solutions, specializing in automated tooling and material handling systems.

Bilsing Automation has over 40 years’ experience in automotive stamping and bodyshop applications, as well as in developing material handling solutions for injection molding, fabrication, packaging, hydroforming and non-automotive applications. Our tooling is based upon an innovative modular system, which provides the flexibility to rapidly configure customized solutions from our array of standard components. We offer automated pressroom solutions for robotic press-to-press transfer, linear transfer, tri-axis transfer presses and crossbar transfer presses. Our long-term experience and constant innovation management help us to efficiently develop affordable customized solutions.

GLOBALLY focused, our worldwide network of subsidiaries located in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim supports our customers through planning, design, engineering, assembly and commissioning.  Our global staff is purposefully situated to provide efficient service and cultural understanding.

INNOVATION is woven into everything we do in the development and manufacturing of modular tooling systems for numerous industries. Our leading position in the development of carbon fiber tooling is evidence to our dedication to pushing the performance envelope of tooling. Our use of lighter weight materials, such as carbon fiber or high strength aluminums, provide a productivity advantage along with operational stability, high performance, and long product life.


Bilsing’s roots go back to 1982, when we were developing and selling hydraulic robots to companies such as Ford and Chrysler under the name Bilsing Robot Systeme. With our strong and innovative engineering capability, Bilsing was able to install the first flexible aluminum gripping system on these robots.

IN 1992, we shifted our focus to the engineering, development, manufacturing and selling of flexible gripping and handling systems for the automotive industry and changed our name to Bilsing Automation. Today, Bilsing Automation is one of the leading suppliers of flexible tooling for the automotive pressroom and body shop, as well as the plastic industry and other applications.