Hot Stamp Grippers

Bilsing Automation’s hot stamp grippers feature high strength aluminum rated for 1000° C.

Hot Stamp Grippers

Bilsing’s hot forming grippers are manufactured from high strength aluminum and are rated for 1000°C. A small, flat design helps decrease collision risk and reduces weight to achieve increased stroke rates. High clamping force and a self-locking feature ensure higher production safety.

Tooling Components, Suction Cups and Grippers

Our aluminum tooling – bayonets, extensions, tubes, couplings – for hot forming are sheathed in temperature resistant materials as are the heads of its carbon fiber beams. Additionally, these beams are manufactured with temperature resistance glue capable of withstanding heat up 700° C (1,232° F).

Furthermore, we offer both grippers and vacuum or suction cup solutions for part-holding in high temp applications. Our PSB-20 pneumatic grippers come with a self-locking feature that ensures higher production safety and can achieve a clamping force of 800 N. Manufactured from high strength aluminum, they have a protective shield that can withstand workpiece temperatures of up to 1,000° C (1,832° F) with temperature sensing for in-line process control and calibration. These grippers are available in fixed jaw, block jaw, and L-versions configuration and various connection choices.

Our WF2 series of vacuum cups are designed to address part holding for a variety of hot forming applications up to 250° C (482° F). Whereas grippers need to access a part edge, vacuum cups can handle odd-shaped workpieces. The Bilsing vacuum cups are available in all automotive industry mounts and a full range of shapes.

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