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Laser Processes

Bilsing Automation’s laser processes include die hardening, die and aircraft component repair and automotive parts coating.

Laser Hardening

Bilsing Automation offers laser heat treating (LHT) for hardening of automotive forming and stamping dies for any steel with a 0.2% carbon content or higher and die sizes from 1cm-5000cm and up to 30 tons. We also provide any necessary secondary dimensional operations. 

As compared to other heat treatment methodologies, LHT consistently delivers higher quality dies faster and at less cost. Laser heat treating enables precise application of the laser beam to the work spot with minimal heating of adjoining areas, as well as millisecond speed control for near zero distortion and consistent hardness depth. This dimensional control means that post-hardening material removal can be limited to polishing and abrasion, eliminating the need for hard milling as typically required by induction, furnace and flame heating hardening processes.

Additive Manufacturing

For the repair of aviation components or automotive stamping dies, Bilsing Automation offers laser metal deposition (LMD), an additive manufacturing process for adding material to worn or corroded surfaces or new features to accommodate a design change. The technology is scalable and can be used to fabricate or repair parts measured in millimeters to meters. Additionally, it provides faster and more cost-effective repair.

With LMD, metal powder is fed into a laser beam, which is scanned across a surface where it deposits powder material in a precise web-type formation. As compared to traditional cladding processes, such as thermal spray or welding processes, LMD provides a better metallurgical bond, enhanced corrosion protection, smaller heat affected zone and less distortion. Components such as landing gear bearing rings or casting dies can be modified or repaired without having to reproduce the entire part.

For aerospace components, this service is provided at Bilsing Automation Turkey, which holds EASA Part-145, FAA 14 CFR 145/43, GACAR Part 145/43 and SHY Part 145 certifications.

EHLA Coating Process

At Bilsing Automation, we are proud to be one of the early companies offering EHLA (Extremes Hochgeschwindigkeits Laserauftragsschweißen), a new and extremely high-speed material deposition or laser cladding process for corrosion and wear protection of components. EHLA provides an economically feasible alternative for coating environmentally friendly surfaces in less time. This technology has already shown reliability in producing coatings—with different material combinations—for brake discs in automotive ICE or e-mobility applications.

With EHLA, the coating is metallurgically bonded via the fusion process to the base layers, so it does not chip, peel, or delaminate and it is non-porous. These characteristics result in EHLA delivering more efficient protection than competitive techniques. And, EHLA reaches speeds that are 100 to 250 times faster than traditional laser metal deposition, enabling it to cover much larger areas.