PFG Series Vacuum Cups

Our silicone-free PFG vacuum cups offer maximum flexibility in adapting to shaped components.

Designed for high speed applications

Our silicone-free PFG vacuum cups, designed in geometries for high speed applications, offer maximum flexibility in adapting to shaped components due to a very soft lip and rigid core. They feature an oil displacement lip on the outer edge, and the arrangement of the brake ribs ensures that oil and dirt are properly extracted. With a one-part body design they are easy to exchange. Additionally, this feature means less damage to metal sheets compared to other designs. With more wear-resistance and longer service life than an NBR cup, after 4,000,000 strokes the cup shows hardly any signs of wear.


TPU Thermoplastic elastomer

Max. allowable temperature

100° C for long-term use or 125° C for short term use


80 shore


Ozone, draw and absorption oil, UV-light, gas, ethanol


Silicon free. Specifically designed for the sheet-metal working industry and automotive stamping applications.


  • Higher lateral forces than competitors
  • Higher parallel grip than competitors
  • Easily exchangeable
  • Interchangeable with non-Bilsing tooling
  • Wear resistant
  • No deformation of sheets
  • Thin, hard shape for high stability
  • Longer service life
  • Recyclable

Suitable for aluminum applications

Suitable for convex surfaces

Suitable where sharp edges are common

Cup leaves no imprint in thin materials

Suitable for shear application

Oil proof, suitable for oily applications

Suitable for destacking applications

Suitable for steel applications

Suitable for high SPM applications

Suitable for thick materials

Suitable for thin materials

Suitable for wavy part surfaces

Suitable for recycling


Servo-press machines and the newest automation technologies have accelerated production processes in press shops.

Higher manipulation speed as a result of this upgrade demands vacuum cups with higher adhesion and friction forces as well as more flexibility.


PFG cups are complimentary for plastic applications, such as demolding bumpers in the plastics industries as they are PWIS free.

PWIS stands for Paint Wetting Impairment Substances. The terms covers all problems encountered in the coating of surfaces. On almost all products, whether recently manufactured or from storage, there are – usually invisible – deposits which prevent coats from adhering: greases, oils, silicones, moisture, oxidation layers. By means of plasma cleaning , these deposits can be removed to make surfaces PWIS-free. To check the surfaces after cleaning and before painting.

Learn More About PFG Cups

The PFG cups are designed specifically for high-speed applications and can adapt to various part geometries, handling steel, aluminum and plastic materials. These cups are suited for continuous use at temperatures up to 100°C and for short-term use up to 125°C. There work with connection adapters in various designs made of aluminum and steel, in either pin or ball connections.

Round PFG Series

Bell Vacuum Cup

Oval PFG Series

Bell Vacuum Cup

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Cup Mounting Styles

PFG Cup Maintenance & Spare Parts

Proper care and storage of your vacuum cups can dramatically improve their performance and life. If you have questions regarding how to best care for, maintain and store your cups, please reach out to your local Bilsing Automation representative to discuss your unique needs.

Proper Storage

When storing, all PFG cups should be laid cup side vs. mount side down, otherwise the shape of the cups can be distorted. For packaging, all materials use in covering and wrapping must be free of substances that degrade elastomers. Appropriate packaging materials include PE-coated craft paper, aluminum foil or opaque PE foil, at least 0.075mm thick. The control temperature must be below 25°C and should not be exposed to direct sunlight – the best storage condition for our cups is in dark surroundings. Additionally, the humidity should be kept so that no condensation appears during temperature changes. In these conditions, the cups can be used for up to five years. If these conditions are deviated from, the cups may only last two to three years.

Stored on an edge, the shape of the vacuum cups is twisting on the surface, as the material is very flexible. The original round form is therefore not easy to achieve again.

Store cups on a clean, flat surface so that the cup is resting in its natural position.

Care and Cleaning

Routinely check cups for wear or damage and cleanliness. If you find the cup needs cleaning, wear protective eyewear and gloves, then wipe the cups with a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Never apply solvents, such as disc brake cleaner as it will destroy the cup.

Step One

Wash hands. Wear gloves and protective eyewear.

Step Two

Prepare a solution of 1 part dish soap and 20 parts potable water. Then, spray the surface of the cup. Never use solvents.

Step Three

Gently wipe cup surfaces with the soap solution until you achieve an acceptable level of cleanliness.

Step Four

Briefly rinse the cup with clean, potable water.

Step Five

Thoroughly dry and reinstall or store appropriately.


Spare Parts

Round Vacuum Cup Storage Covers

For long term vacuum cup storage, we recommend our fabric covers. These protect the vacuum cup from damage relating to prolonged exposure to light and humidity. These are available for round cups in 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 100mm diameters. These can be applied to non-Bilsing branded cups.