PSB-20 Grippers with Double Blank Detection for Hot or Cold Stamping

We have expanded our family of PSB-20 pneumatic grippers to include versions that can detect the presence of double sheets of metal for both hot forming and cold forming operations. The grippers are equipped with a digital- and analog-readable sensor that inspects sheet thickness. When a double sheet is detected, a warning signal is sent, helping to protect machinery against tool damage and unnecessary production loss. The sensor is adjusted in advance to match the component strength.

The PSB-20 grippers have a compact design that decreases collision risk and reduces weight to achieve increased stroke rates. The gripper is available with or without a self-locking feature. Grippers with this feature achieve 800 N clamping force and those without can reach 480 N clamp force. They can reach 80 strokes per minute and air consumption is 6 bar/double stroke: <0.1dm3.

The PSB-20 series grippers are manufactured from high strength aluminum and are rated for 1000°. Various connection choices are also available including lateral ball, lateral pin, back ball connection or STS-tube connection in the back.