Lightweight, Compact Single Pipe Robotic Tooling

We now offer a new single pipe tooling for robotic applications featuring quick release connect and disconnect couplings and bayonets. Appropriate for cold and hot stamping, as well as other automation applications, this tooling is easy to configure, has a compact design to minimize collisions and has many Industry 4.0 features including numerous electric signals, RFID coding and sensors for tooling detection and locking control.

As compared to other single tooling systems, Bilsing’s tooling is up to 25% lighter and the couplings are up to 30% lighter. The single pipe coupling and bayonet locking mechanisms can be mounted to different beam types, e.g., 80 by 80mm carbon fiber beam, and come in a variety of locking styles including mechanical, air or electric as well as left or right versions. The tooling features an 8-Pin electric plug, up to four air ports, and 10mm diameter air piping. Sensor styles are available to ensure correct positioning and production safety. These quick release devices are made of aluminum and steel and can adjust to 32 settings, accommodating a variety of profile shapes and sizes.

Carbon Fiber Advantages
Combined with a carbon fiber beam, this single pipe tooling can reduce cycle times as compared to aluminum and steel systems as it weighs less than half of traditional materials, yet is stiffer, stronger and settles more rapidly. This enables robot motion paths to occur more quickly with less vibration and idle time as tools settle.

Bilsing produces a series of round, square and conical carbon fiber tooling as well as custom profiles for specific customer needs. Potential CF applications include crossbar beams, loading and unloading beams, destacking beams, panel loading t-booms, and tooling supports for bodyshop, pressroom, injection molding and other operations.