We optimize your Manufacturing Process

For multiple-step forming processes the supply of boards, the forwarding of work pieces from one tool to the next and the dispensing of the completed forming parts from the forming process must be meticulously coordinated. This synchronization of parts- and tool movements in the press can usually be performed during the adjustment- and activation phase; it can also be optimized with state-of-the-art simulation methods.

BILSING AUTOMATION is using the simulation method for development and planning of customer specific gripping systems for 10 years.

Advantages of the Simulation Method:

  • Supply of OP-parts is not necessary
  • Decreased shutdown time, because adjustment and testing on the simulator is not necessary
  • Simulation within a tolerance range of 1 to 3 mm
  • Collision test inclusive determination of safety distances
  • If applicable identifying necessary adjustments of dies
  • Improved transfer movement
  • Offline Robot programming
  • Expertise of forming process times and slowest process
  • Increased stroke rates and output of complete press line
Based on a long lasting engineering, BILSING AUTOMATION is able to digitize and simulate all types of presses (mechanical, hydraulic or servo presses) today. Many of customers in the automotive industry already benefit from this optimization process. Optimize your process now!